Frontier Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as The Company), complies and adheres to the personal information protection laws. The following privacy policies have been established and list the guidelines related to the protection of personal information that can identify a person as an individual, such as full name, address, telephone number, email address and so on (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information), which will be abided by.

  1. Collecting Personal Information
    The collection of personal information and purpose for use will be made clear, and carried out in a legal and just manner within the The Company's business.
  2. Use and Purpose of Use of Personal Information
    Collected Personal Information will be carefully managed, and used within the purposes that have been clearly stated. The use of Personal Information, is for the improvement of services and system development, will also be utilized for the purpose of receiving helpful information.
  3. Prohibition of Third Party Provision
    Excluding The Company's entrusted companies, the provision of Personal Information to third parties will not be conducted, unless for sufficient reason such as being legally required by law or having the consent of the person themself.
  4. Security Measures
    The Company carries out necessary measures and precautions from the technical aspect to prevent the loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage of the Personal Information we manage.
  5. Compliance and Management of Laws and Ordinances
    Officers as well as employees adhere to the laws and ordinances related to Personal Information, as well as The Company's official regulations.
  6. Continued Improvement
    The Company will continually review and make improvements in regards to the security of Personal Information.

October 1, 2015
Frontier Co.,Ltd. CEO Hidetaka Maeda